How To Invest Wisely

When it comes to buying an apartment, smart investors know that it takes a variety of factors to pinpoint and secure a good investment.

Most experts predict that while current interest rates are low, Brisbane property offers a ‘standout’ rating when looking to grow your investment portfolio.

Below, we discuss three major considerations for apartment buyers.

1. The Location

It is important to invest in middle-ring locations, generally no further out than 10 kilometres from Brisbane’ GPO. But no matter where you invest, staying close to major transport links in the order of rail, major roads, and busways ensures that residents can easily access amenity.

Residents generally seek a 5-10-minute commute to major employment nodes including hospitals, universities and major retail opportunities.

Green spaces including parks and recreation, plus destination and lifestyle facilitates are desirable within close proximity. Excellent landscaping creates a ‘finished’ aesthetic that residents love.

2. The Development

Smaller, boutique developments are favoured by residents for their personalised, high quality and detailed approach to living. Less than 50 units within a complex means that residents aren’t crowded or overwhelmed and can maintain a greater sense of security.

Multiple landscaped nodes throughout the complex maintains the high quality appeal of the development and gives residents spaces to relax.

3. The Design

A bespoke, high quality offering combined with secure undercover parking is integral for a well-designed apartment.

Inside, a gallery kitchen with bench space to seat a group of people, a separate dining area, and excellent natural light and ventilation ensures maximum comfort. Covered patio space, with enough to seat four, complemented with open space will enhance year-round liveability.

A master bedroom including ample robe space, spacious ensuite, with a separate laundry and storage will ensure liveability through separation of spaces.

Air conditioning in living areas, ceiling fans in bedrooms and on patio, and clever maximisation of spaces means residents have everything required without being confined.

And of course… The higher the ceilings, the better!